“If you walked the perimeter of every park at Walt Disney World, you would walk close to 9 miles.

But you don’t just walk the perimeter once.

No. You spend days going back and forth across a park or more. Multiple times.

A full, single day at the park can average us 22,000 steps…which is over 10 miles. 

The average person may walk over 10 miles a day at the Magic Kingdom. It's important to have good footwear. This post features some of the best shoes for walking at Walt Disney World.

The average person may walk over 10 miles a day during their Walt Disney World vacation.

That’s a LOT of walking. Walt Disney World is physically demanding.

And I hate sneakers. (I really do. So much so that my blog name is inspired by it.)

So, what’s a girl to do? 


What are the best shoes for walking around Walt Disney World?

I have learned that when it comes to what goes on your feet… you get what you pay for.

Plastic bands and foam soles with little arch support will make for a painful day at Walt Disney World. This post offers some better choices of shoes for walking at Walt Disney World.

Plastic bands and foam soles with little arch support will make for a painful day at Walt Disney World.

I used to buy cheap shoes and the $2.99 flip-flops from Old Navy have their place.

Walt Disney World is not that place.



I love my Vionics and Tevas

I bought my Tevas back in 2010 and walked all over Walt Disney World in them. Nine years later, they are still uber-comfy and would go another round at WDW.

You can generally snag a pair for well under $30, making them a slam-dunk in the bargain vs. comfort category.

My Vionics carried me around Italy and Disney World. They did take a little breaking in, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing a brand new pair for long strides. But once they have been worn a bit, it’s my opinion that they will rival any sneaker you own.

Vionic sandals are costlier, but the amazing arch support is worth every penny in my book.

I had bunion surgery when I was 12 ( Yes… you read that right) and I swear I have the feet of someone twice my age. The fact that I can walk all over Walk Disney World in either of these sandals is really saying something about their comfort.

But there’s another game-changer on the market when it comes to footwear.

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Wiivv custom footwear just prior to our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wiivv believes that every foot is unique and in order to maximize comfort, they create custom fit sandals and insoles designed for your foot.

Wiivv will custom design insoles or sandals to your foot…and deliver them straight to your home.

You simply map your feet from home through the mobile app, place your order, and your custom designed footwear is delivered to your door.

I walked in my sandals for miles on vacation without a single blister or foot pain. My husband said his insoles made it feel like he was ‘walking on a cloud.’

Wiivvs provided us our footwear as part of our collaboration, but it would truly be worth every penny full-price. They are that comfortable!

But that’s just my opinion

To offer you a variety of options, I decided to ask my Facebook Group of Disney Fans and Bloggers for their go-to Disney footwear. 

Disney Travel Agent Krissy Murphy of Main Street Vacations, LLC recommends Sanuk sidewalk surfers or yoga slings!  

However,  after a runDisney race, OOFOS are her soles of choice. 

The Sanuk Store at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.

Bonus, there is a Sanuk store at Disney Springs if you decide to just pick up a pair while you’re there.


 Jennifer of  threekidsthreecatsandahusband.com loves her Merrell Sandals!

She has worn Merrells during her last two Disney trips and recommends the ‘slide’ styles.

Jennifer says that “The cushioning is amazing. Everyone else in my family was complaining at the end of the day about how their feet and mine never did! I also liked how they didn’t get soggy on water rides and that they went well with the sundresses I like to wear at Disney World.”

Though there are a range of styles, the majority of these sandals have mesh, breathable fabric with sturdy, rubber soles and heel straps for security…all ideal features if it happens to rain during your Walt Disney World day.


Vlogger, Bethany (Thepintasticgirls) recommends  the Skechers Women’s Reggae Slim-Vacay Sandals

She shared with me that she has dealt with foot pain for many years, but these sketchers sandals make her feel like she is ” walking on a fluffy cloud all day long.”

But I personally like the thin straps, that give them a lower-profile than a clunkier sandal.

Wearing comfortable shoes is critical during your Walt Disney World vacation. Check out this post for some recommendations.

At Walt Disney World, you have to go for comfort when it comes to shoes. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to give up style.

She also added that “They are perfect for a day in the parks because they keep you cool and comfortable while being stylish at the same time.  I highly recommend these sandals and give them a A+ rating.”

And for less than $40, they would be well worth a try! 

What is your shoe of choice for walking at Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comments!

The average person may walk over 10 miles a day at the Magic Kingdom. It's important to have good footwear. This post features some of the best shoes to wear at Walt Disney World.  A Disney vacation can be hard on your feet. Walking around the parks all day can be tiring. This post lists some recommendations from Disney fans and bloggers on the best shoes for walking around Walt Disney World. #FlipFlopWeekend

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