You are probably in one of two situations when you are looking for cheap dining at Walt Disney World. Either your plane just landed and you need a quick affordable bite…or you are about to end your vacation and your wallet needs a little break, but you’re hungry. In either scenario, here are 5 reasons why Blaze Pizza at Disney Springs will solve your problem.

We love going to Disney Springs as a family. There are so many fun, affordable activities to do with the kids and the dining options are amazing! Yet, somehow, we always find ourselves at Blaze.

 Here are the 5 Reasons Why!

1 )Blaze is Kid-Friendly

What kid doesn’t love pizza? We have some picky eaters and both of my kids really enjoy the Simple Pie ( Mozzarella, Parmesan, Red Sauce) The long wood tables inside and plentiful outdoor seating options are great for families. We generally sit outside when we can, because if crumbs fall to the ground, I don’t feel nearly as bad.

Plus, kid’s get a kick of watching their pizza go down the assembly line while it is being freshly prepared.

2) It’s Quick!

I know we all love our table service meals and the delicious high-end Disney restaurants that we just want to linger around with…but sometimes you just need a quick bite so you can move on to the next Disney adventure!

At Blaze, the pizza is even marketed as being “fast fire’d.” They pop those dough-babies in a scorching hot wood-fired oven for 180 seconds and you have yourself dinner. Plus, they give you a pager so you can take a seat while everything is being prepped.

Disney Tsum Tsum

Pro Tip: Avoid standard lunch and dinner times. I find that coming before noon and after 1, or before 6 p.m. are ideal times to catch shorter lines. However, if you do see a line, don’t be too discouraged, It does tend to move fairly quickly.

3) The Menu Is Awesome

All of Blaze’s pizzas are relatively the same size, 11″. However, the variety what can be done in that 11″ is fantastic! There are about 40 different Blaze pizza toppings and combos that you can use to create your own custom-pizza, and also several ” off the menu” signature pizzas. My husband is a fan of the Green Stripe ( Pesto Drizzle over Chicken, Red Peppers, Garlic, Mozzarella and Arugula).

Be aware: You won’t find any deep dish or New York Style Pizza here.

Blaze Pizza is super thin. I love thin-crust pizza, when it’s done right. And Blaze does it right!

I also love that you can get unique soda choices, including a funky black cherry soda that I love. (Bonus: Free refills!) 

Free refills at Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs

It is possible to get free refills around Disney. It’s so nice to have something with your meal, and be able to have a full cup to meander with while shopping.

4) Their Gluten-Free Pizza Actually Won’t Disappoint You

I am gluten-sensitive and pre-Blaze, had pretty much given up on pizza. My kids like having pizza on Friday nights and it has become a bit of a tradition now. Unfortunately, a lot of gluten-free pizzas are either doughy or taste like cardboard…there really is no in-between.

Blaze was a pleasant surprise.

First and foremost, the staff making your pizza takes great care when someone mentions a gluten-allergy. I was actually at another pizza place recently where they yelled ” gluten-free” at the top of their lungs to the kitchen. It was a bit awkward and embarrassing. Blaze is extremely courteous. They ask if it is a preference or allergy…and are very conscientious if you say “allergy.” They change gloves and keep some ingredients and utensils separate to avoid cross-contamination.


I am merely sensitive, so if I get some gluten it isn’t awful I may feel bleh for a bit, but whatever. If you are highly sensitive, you may still need to consider that cross-contamination can occur…it is a pizza place with a ton of wheat dough, after all. But, it’s nice to see the care that the restaurant takes in ensuring that they meet the special dietary needs of gluten-sensitive guests.

The pizza is thin, crispy and, most importantly,  I actually felt like I was eating a pizza. I tend to get the simple pie with pepperoni. For being a self-proclaimed foodie, I am still not too adventurous with my pizza. So, I can’t speak to the signature pizzas that are made gluten-free…. but, in general, Blaze does a respectable job and has earned the #1 spot for gluten-free pizza in my book.

Blaze Pizza has one of the best gluten-free pizzas

Blaze Pizza has one of the better gluten-free pizzas that I have ever had.

5) The Pizza Is Relatively Inexpensive

Everyone knows that eating at Disney World can be pricey. But, affordable options are available and Blaze is no exception.

My husband generally eats an entire pizza by himself.  My kids (ages 6 and 4 at the time of this post) generally split a pizza and I have to get my own ( see gluten-free comments above).

The gluten-free even costs a bit more ($2.00 extra) and I would still consider it reasonable compared to other places. The kids will drink water and my husband and I will split a soda ( see free refills comment, as well).

We generally pay just under $30, which at Disney is a bargain for a family of 4.

Finally, make sure you download the Blaze App.

They usually have some kind of discount or freebie when you download. Plus, you can earn free pizzas if you are a frequent visitor. There is a mobile ordering feature, but I personally haven’t tried it yet. Next time!

Download The My Disney Experience App On The App Store Google Play

You don’t have to be at Disney Springs to eat at Blaze.  Blaze Pizza is actually a national chain restaurant with several locations around our area. We first tried it at Disney Springs and, for the reasons above, found it to be a fantastic affordable dining option for the family.

Have you eaten at Blaze? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


If you are looking into Disney Springs dining options, this restuarant review of Blaze Pizza explains why it makes a great choice for Disney World dining that doesn't break the bank

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