Halloween is just around the corner and these Disney Halloween treats promise some not-so-scary magic!

Apparently, when I was three, I hid under the piano in my family’s living room for the entire evening of Trick or Treat. The ghosts, goblins, and clowns outside frightened me, despite the fact that I was in the super cool Wonder Woman attire.

Fortunately, I have come to really look forward to Halloween ( though clowns still terrify me). I enjoy the cute costumes, fun (not too scary) decorations and especially the TREATS!


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I have a sweet tooth and the buckets of candy my kid’s end of accumulating at Halloween just puts me in a sugar coma until mid-November.

Given that we live in Disney World’s backyard, it seemed appropriate that I round-up some of my FAVORITE Disney Halloween treats from some super cool fellow bloggers.

Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Apples

It took me FOREVER to bring myself to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I don’t know why. For some reason, I thought it would be inappropriate…or silly…or whatever. But, it’s Disney. And I was so wrong. I really enjoy this movie and have even let my kids watch it. They were not scared, but Jessie did sing “What’s This” for DAYS.

These Chocolate Covered Apples are the perfect Halloween treat ( along with a screening of the Nightmare Before Christmas, of course)

Image: Courtesy of Nicole Harris, www.wonkywonderful.com

Nicole over at WonkyWonderful.com emulates the main man of this movie, Jack Skellington, in the form of chocolate covered apples. OMGosh.  She mentions that they are a bit messy to make….but they are not hard. I could definitely see inviting some guests for a screening of Nightmare Before Christmas and wow them with this treat. (Have two. Apples are healthy…right!?

Host a magical Disney Halloween Party with these super simple, DIY Halloween Treats your family will love!

Mickey & Minnie Halloween Cookies

I can’t get over how adorable, and simple these Mickey and Minnie Halloween Cookies are! Plus, no baking is required! That’s kind of a huge deal down here in Florida when it can still be quite hot in October and I just don’t want to crank the oven up needlessly.  Melissa over at Sparkles to Sprinkles creates these just using both standard and mini Oreos, some frosting, and halloween colored sprinkles for a final touch. These top my list the next time a Halloween themed treat needs to get to a school event!

By using oreo cookies, these adorable Mickey and Minnie cookies make for a simple and fun Halloween treat!

Image: Courtesy of Melissa Vicinanza Kuczera, www.sparkletosprinkles.com

Ursula’s Tentacles

No Disney Halloween is complete unless some villains are a part of it. Amy from MainlyHomemade uses just three simple ingredients to give a nod to the queen villain of the sea, Ursula.  My daughter was sold when she saw purple candy melts.  Combine those with pretzel rods and chocolate chips, and I am fairly certain there would be several very fortunate souls at your next Halloween gig. 

These candy coated pretzel rods use three simple ingredients to pay a nod to Ursula, Disney's villain in the sea. What a fun treat for your next Disney Halloween party!

Image: Courtesy of Amy Greene, www.mainlyhomemade.com

Mickey Mouse Caramel Apples

Nothing screams fall like a caramel apple! ( Well, maybe a pumpkin. But, if I am allowed to be controversial, we more #teamapple in this house. #sorrynotsorry) Mr. L can hardly ever walk past the Main Street Confectionary without stopping in to get one.

His caramel apple love has even made its way into photos ( Proof is here on my insta).

Gena over at The Gingered Casa makes a super cute ( and easy) Mickey caramel apple that the family would go nuts over. Actually, I bet you could even add nuts and it would be delicious! You can also order Halloween colored apple sticks for an extra festive touch.

These delicious Mickey Caramel Apples will keep you in the Disney mood all through the fall season!

Image: Courtesy of Gena Lazcano, www.gingercasa.com


Evil Queen’s Punch

Given Josiah’s newfound appreciation for lemon-lime soda, I think this will be a hit for dinner on Halloween night. Heather from Brie Brie Blooms put together soda and kool-aid to be reminiscent of the Evil Queen’s potion that poisoned Snow White’s apple.  Brilliant!

Lemon-lime soda and green apple kool-aid mix together to become the potion that created Snow White's poisonous apple. The perfect Halloween punch!

Image: Courtesy of Heather from www.briebrieblooms.com

Cinderella’s Pumpkins

I know. I dissed on the pumpkin thing a bit before. But, it is Halloween. You HAVE to have pumpkins.

And if any Disney tale reminds us of pumpkins, it’s Cinderella. Rebecca from www.dailyrebecca.com did a princess party for her daughter and created ” Cinderella’s Pumpkins” using seedless halo oranges and celery. What a great way to add a healthy option to your Halloween treat table!

Halo oranges and celery sticks become Cinderella's pumpkins for a princess party, or even to add a healthy option to your halloween treat table!

Image: Courtesy of Rebecca, www.dailyrebecca.com 

Mickey Bat Donuts

For a standout addition to your snack table at any Halloween festivity, consider these compact, pumpkin-spiced doughnuts featured on VeganDollhouse.com. Drizzled with chocolate icing, these baked delights morph into tiny bats adorned with ears resembling Mickey Mouse. They offer a unique and scrumptious touch that will surely impress your guests.

Mickey Bat Donuts

Mickey Bat Donuts courtey of vegandollhouse.com

Hocus Pocus Cupcakes

The movie, Hocus Pocus, is pretty much a Disney Halloween tradition. Make it a movie night with these Hocus Pocus cupcakes from Jana at Whiskey n’ Sunshine!

Hocus Pocus is a Disney Halloween Tradition. These Hocus Pocus cupcakes are the perfect Disney Halloween treat

Vampire Mickey Mouse Cookies

These Vampire Mickey Mouse Cookies from Patty over at My No-Guilt Life, would put Dracula himself into a magical Disney mood!

With a simple list of ingredients and instructions for a DIY template, making them would be a fun family Halloween activity.

These Vampire Mickey Mouse Cookies from Patty over at My No-Guilt Life, would put Dracula himself into a magical Disney mood! 

Image: Patty Holliday, My No-Guilt Life

Mickey Pumpkin Cake Donuts

For something with a bit of a more fall-esque flair…Patty also has these Mickey Pumpkin Cake Donuts on her site.

The best part is that you do not have to fry these donuts! Can we say #hallelujah to less grease and mess.

Mickey Pumpkin Cake Donuts

Image: Patty Holliday, Wilton Non-Stick Donut Pan

I have made donuts before using a Wilton Non-Stick Donut Pan and do recommend it as the best choice for baking donuts.


Thank you to all of the lovely ladies who contributed and I wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

These DIY Disney recipes would make an amazing Halloween treat spread.

Do you have a favorite Halloween treat? Especially a Disney one? I would love to hear about it in the comments! Also, as a little treat for me—if you liked this post, would you mind giving it a share?


Have a family-friendly October 31st with these easy, homemade Disney Halloween Treats that your kids will not be afraid to help you make!


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