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If you are planning a trip to the Emerald Isle in the near future you are in for a real treat. When it comes to stunning landscape, rugged beauty and knowing how to have a great time, Ireland is the place to be.

Of course, any trip needs to be planned if you want to get the most out of it, that is why we have done the hard work for you and whittled down the many incredible locations to seven of the best places to visit in Ireland…beyond Dublin!  

Galway City

If there is any city that knows how to showcase what being Irish is all about it has to be Galway. Unlike some of the other large cities in Ireland, which can have a more international feel, Galway has retained everything about Ireland that we love.

Galway City, Ireland

Galway, Ireland | Photo credit: mariejirousek on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND


From the cobbled streets to the traditional musicians and buskers on pretty much every corner, this is a city that feels alive in every sense of the word.

There are plenty of cozy Irish pubs and traditional restaurant that will give you a real sample of Irish cuisine, as well as a wide choice of hotels to choose from.

Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland | Photo credit: Photo credit: pchgorman on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA


If you are going to visit only one city in Ireland, we highly recommend that you make it Galway; and yes, you will likely hear at least one rendition of ‘Galway Girl’ while you are there!

The Wild Atlantic Way

If we had to choose just three words to sum up The Wild Atlantic Way, they would have to be; rugged, majestic, memorable.


Unlike many parts of the world where the beaches have become somewhat destroyed with tourism, the fresh Westerly winds have ensured that the beaches here don’t become too drenched with tourists! That means that, yes, we do recommend for you to wrap up well to visit this part of Ireland.

Ballybunion on the Wild Atlantic Way

Ballybunion, County Kerry, Ireland on The Wild Atlantic Way | Photo credit: Photo credit: Neil Tackaberry on Visual hunt /CC BY-ND

However, the fresh winds that whip up the waters and coax surfers from near and far to ride those white horses make the whole experience even more special. You will find no shortage of pubs offering tantalizing local dishes like Guinness and mussels served with homemade wheaten bread.

The Irish sure do know how to deliver on ‘comfort food’.

While you are visiting the Wild Atlantic Way you should most certainly make time for a drive around Mamore Gap. Majestic and rugged are merged into one here and you can even stop at the small statues en route to enjoy the magnetic pull of the ‘magic hill’, a gradient where your car will go the wrong way if you leave it in neutral. That’s right, it will roll up the hill!

Tralee Bay

There is a reason why many people who come back from Ireland rave about the Ring Of Kerry.

Kerry Cliffs

Kerry Cliffs | Photo credit: Photo credit: Marlis B on / CC BY-ND

From the local dolphin to the stunning landscape and friendly people, this may be at the opposite end of the island to the Wild Atlantic Way but it sure is worth the journey. If you don’t have time to explore the whole area here, a place that is beautiful for couples to spend a few hours is Tralee Bay.

Tralee Bay, Ireland

The white beaches and crystal blue water are what a sight to behold and a sure way to put you in a romantic mood. Opt for a hotel right on the beach. The Kerry hospitality will not fail to impress you!

Westport House

Everyone loves a bit of culture and history when they are away and Ireland has plenty on offer. A trip to Westport House is sure to be the perfect way to indulge and with the swan boats, zip-lining and archery, your history lesson will take on a whole new level!

Westport - Westport House - 20161229132327


Cobh In County Cork

Of course, visiting the big cities and sights of Ireland is fabulous, but you may also want to have a taste of real Irish life.

If this is what sounds up your street you should make your way to Cobh in County Cork.

St. Colman's Cathedral, Cobh Ireland

Kerry Cliffs | Photo credit: Photo credit: Cobh Tourism on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

This seaside town has a rich history that the locals will be ready to share with you, in fact, did you know that it as the last port of call for The Titanic?

Cathedral Quarter In Belfast

If you love a good night out while you are away, the fun city of Belfast will certainly deliver on that front.

Belfast, Ireland

Belfast, Ireland

The recently developed Cathedral Quarter is a maze of cobbled streets with Irish music galore. You can easily find a hotel in the Quarter itself but be prepared; the Irish like to party until the ‘wee hours’!

The Giant’s Causeway

Last, but certainly not least, the incredible Giant’s Causeway needs a visit before you return home! Whether you believe the folk stories that go with the rock formation is your own choice, however, the impressive natural landscape will give you plenty of incredible photo opportunities, not to mention that revitalizing feeling that the ocean air will indulge you with.

                                                                                                                     The Giant’s Causeway flickr photo by johan wieland shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

Indeed, that beautiful Emerald Isle is ready and waiting to be discovered, all you need to do is book your tickets!

Special thanks to Jeremy Harrison for this post! For more Ireland travel tips and ideas, visit his site Over in Ireland at

If you are planning a trip to Ireland and have some time to get outside of Dublin, this post will give you several ideas of the best places to visit and things to do when you travel to the Emerald Isle.

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